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For the biggest day of your life, you want to choose the most experienced vendors available. I have been doing bridal hair and makeup for 11 years in some of the biggest wedding markets including Hampton Roads, New England, Chicago, and Tokyo. 

I have been on sets with celebrities and the one person they love and trust is their hair stylist and makeup artist. With me, you will feel confident knowing that you look radiant throughout the ENTIRE day.

Prices are listed below this section

What I do… 


Trial runs are performed in a professional setting in my home in Virginia Beach, VA.

Brides are welcome to bring a friend or relative.

Hair and makeup trial runs typically take 2.5 – 3 hours (bring a snack!)

 Hair trial  $65
Makeup trial  $65
Hair and makeup trial $130


After the trial run, the bride will be presented with a contract. The wedding date will not be held until the contract is signed. Once I am notified to secure the date, a digital contract will be sent for signature.

A 25% deposit is required to secure the date. A link to pay via credit card will be attached to the invoice.


Most bridal hair and makeup services are performed on-location. 

A makeup chair and mirror will be provided.

 In most cases, location fees are not assessed. 

If applicable, parking fees will be billed to the client. 


Bride hair $130
Bride makeup $130
Attendant updo and/or heat style $75
Attendant blowout $65
Attendant makeup *$75
*includes lashes
Lashes only $25
Eyes only (no lashes) $35
Flower girl hair $35
Flower girl makeup $10
(12 and under)

Minimum of 4 services required for on-location bookings.
i.e. Bride hair and makeup plus one bridesmaid hair and makeup equals 4 services.


For wedding parties that require more than 7 total services (including the bride), an additional artist will be hired at no extra cost.

For wedding parties that require 7 services or less, an additional artist can be hired for a shortened getting “ready time” or schedule. The fee for an additional artist and a faster turn-around time is $100


Every detail is as important to me as it is to you. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I really care.

Prior to the trial run, you will share pictures of yourself, your dress, and inspiration images. I will give my advice as well as go over your goals.

At the trial run, I will go through your inspiration images. From there, we will decide what ‘look’ to replicate. Once completed, we will discuss the individual elements of the look as it pertains to YOUR style. From there we will make adjustments if needed. I encourage you to play an active role in giving me feedback throughout the process so that I can learn your personal preferences. 


Bring your hair accessories

Most brides like to do a “trial run” with an artist prior to the wedding day. I suggest bringing your veil (if using one), hair accessory, or fresh flowers to the trial so you can see the full “look”.

Trial run prep

Please come to your trial run with clean and dry hair. A lot of hairstylists will tell you that dirty hair is better for updos. I prefer to add the “grit” and “texture” with hair products instead.

For makeup, please come with a clean and moisturized face. I highly recommend giving your brows some professional attention prior to the trial run.

Communication is key!

The key to a successful trial run is communication! Once your trial run is booked, I will send you an email asking for pictures of yourself, your dress, and links to inspiration boards.

Double dip the day!

Take advantage of the trial run and wear the makeup out to your wedding shower, bachelorette party, or have a photo shoot for your “save the date” or engagement photos. You will get to see how you look on camera and decide if you would like any adjustments for the wedding day.

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