Haircut trends of 2019

Over the last few years, I have watched my ladies toss out their messy buns in exchange for an opportunity to actually style their hair! Of course, long hair is beautiful but let’s be honest, it’s a pain in the ass! Most of us do not style our hair or get it trimmed often enough. The trend is to sacrifice length for convenience and wearability. I say bravo! 

What’s the haircut trend of 2019?

Clients have been showing me the same cut over an over again on their Pinterest boards. It’s not much different than the “lob” that has been popular over the last few years. In fact, its a shorter variation of the undercut bob without as many layers. The 2019 haircut trend is an undercut of medium length in the shape of the classic bob… let’s call it a “medium undercut bob”. This haircut is not a wedge or a stacked bob! 

Should I wear this look?

YES! However, let me get you in on a little secret… that BEAUTIFUL picture you show me on Pinterest will not look the same at home without a teeny-tiny bit of effort. You will have to do your hair! Every single picture is of a beautiful girl with her hair curled. This requires about 10 minutes of focused effort and a hot iron. Plus, hairstylists cheat! They are using clips to push the hair forward to make the picture look better. Feel good about yourselves ladies. The beauty industry is filled with smoke and mirrors. The point: wearing your hair shorter will only force you to style it daily. 

So what do you ask for when you visit your hair stylist?

Be VERY firm in stating that you don’t want layers cut into your hair! You don’t want layers on the sides and you don’t want it “stacked” in the back. Ask for an “undercut”. You need to insist that the hairstylist carve out the ends of the hair so that it has the illusion of being layered, without actually being layered. C’mon, you all know what I’m talking about… Have you ever had a really heavy layer that goes around your entire head and it’s only cute when you use the round brush? That’s what you want to avoid. You don’t want the top layer of your hair looking evenly separated from the bottom perimeter. Take a look at the younger news anchors on television. They are wearing a straightened undercut bob. It’s very sleek!

How do I style my medium length undercut bob? 

Starting with wet hair

Blow dry the majority of the back without using a brush. Seriously! If it is cut correctly you will only need to blow the hair downwards. It should curl under in the back on its own. Style the crown of your head with a Denman Brush or round brush to get root lift and shape in the back. For the front, stick with your Denman Brush to keep the ends looking straight. Using a round brush will make your sides look like elephant tusks!

Starting with clean and dry hair

Begin by brushing your hair. This will freshen the crown and sides and make it easier to move forward with styling. Use a dry shampoo if necessary. I also suggest using a root lift powder to refresh your crown area. 

For a straight finish

Lightly spray workable hairspray throughout to smooth flyaways. If necessary, smooth with a flat iron.

To wear it curly

If wearing curly, use a large-barreled iron or flat iron to make loose curls. DO NOT CURL THE ENDS OF YOUR HAIR! If you curl the ends, your style will look more 1950’s than 2019. Lightly finger comb and separate your hair as you spray a light texture spray or spray wax throughout. Tossle and go! 

2019 haircut trend conclusion

Studies have shown that when women wear their hair shorter it is an indication that the economy is doing well. However, this trend indicates to me that women want to have a cut that grows out better than the layered bob. You can definitely go a full eight weeks without having hair troubles. It’s versatile too. It looks AMAZING straight or curly. 


Close up of blog owner with red hair with a medium undercut bob in newport ri salon

Me, with my medium length, undercut bob! I cut the front and my husband cut the back! WHAAAAA!? It was perfect.




Thanks for reading and have a great hair day! 


Post by Jennifer Reid

Professional photographer working in Newport, RI.

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