Vintage Pinup Shoot

Vintage Pinup Shoot

I got my start in hair, makeup, and photography assisting my friends with their pinup photography business. I absolutely love vintage styled shoot because I get to breathe life into old wardrobe and props. I also love helping a woman look beautiful, sexy, and classy without the need to showcase nudity. The goal of this photo shoot was to create an image that a woman wouldn’t be embarrassed to have her children find or hang on her wall.

For this photography session, I hired a model, prepped her wardrobe, styled her hair, applied her makeup, and snapped the pictures. The clothing was a mixture of new and vintage items that I already owned. The mink was my Grandmother’s. For some reason, everyone in my family passes down the furs to me (lucky me!). I found the rotary telephone on ebay.

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Post by Jennifer Reid

Professional photographer working in Newport, RI.

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