Wedding Makeup

Whether it's airbrush or traditional, smokey eye or natural makeup, I have you covered.

I've been on sets with celebrities and the one person they love and trust is their makeup artist. We have the power to make that sweaty brow and pimple go away... ALL DAY! I have many tricks up my sleeve. You will be very confident knowing that on top of your "face" staying all day, it will look radiant in any lighting or media.

It is a great idea to take advantage of getting dolled-up and attend your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or shoot your "save the date" or engagement photos. You will get to see how you look on camera and decide if you would like any adjustments for the wedding day.


Special FX Makeup

I have experience in life casting, molds, and creating silicone prosthetics. I love  applying and painting appliances meant for HD film (including 3D). I am adept at creating waterproof makeups and hand laying beards. I can cover up tattoos as well as create realistic looking ones. I am familiar with lace front wigs and creating hair pieces from scratch. I can also create burns, wounds, and other traumas quickly out of my kit. Please reach out, I would love to discuss your production's special fx needs.




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