How to Pick the Right Shade of Lip Color

     A full pout is a sign of youth and a hallmark of beauty. Unfortunately, as we age our lips loose some of their color and definition. Choosing the right shade of lip color can be the best way to counter act the signs of aging as well as highlight a beautiful smile!


     For an everyday use, choose a lip color that enhances the natural shade of your nude lip. A great trick is to pick a hue two shades darker than your inner cheek. You will find that the color naturally mimics the color found in your lip. You’ll know the shade is right if you look good wearing it without any other makeup on!


  • Pale lips: Use pastel shades. Deep tones appear very dark on pale lips so apply with a light hand. Try beige, sandy pink, light coral, pale pink, and bright red!


  • Medium lips: Brown, rose, pink, orange, warm red look great on a medium lip.


  • Dark lips: Dark lips look best with a lip color that has a blue undertone. Dark lips also need to be very saturated in color. Pale shades look gray or ashy on dark lips so stick with the browns, deep red, plum, deep chocolate, deep raisin and berry lip colors.


  • Two-toned lips: Two-toned lips look best in chocolate, blackberry, deep plum, deep raisin, and deep red colors. Two-toned lips naturally have dark with pink inside the lower lip or the appearance of one lip darker being darker than the other. You'll want to even out the lip colors. To even out the lip tone you can:

      • Fill in lighter areas
      • Pale out darker areas
      • Use a sheer lipstick as the base on whichever area you wish to conceal and then apply other lip color.




Hot tips:


  • If you want just a wash of color, just use less and distribute it evenly.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix mediums such as a lipstick with a lip-gloss or a lip-gloss with an eyeshadow.
  • Layering one sheer color over another sheer makes the lips appear fuller because the lips appear to have more depth and volume.
  • When you are ready to try something more dramatic, a color with an undertone similar to your neutral/natural shade will be very flattering.
  • Luckily makeup washes off so it is okay to make mistakes! Ultimately it doesn’t matter what lip color you choose, as long as you wear it with confidence and style!




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